Bipartisan Bunco

Crayola Joe2

“In 2021, the laws, customs, and habits of the heart that had defined the American republic since the 18th century are things of the past.” — Angelo Codevilla

A reasonable citizen might be excused for believing the rumor that Geriatric Joe Biden signs his name with a stick of Crayola Piggy Pink. After all, a regression to childhood is not uncommon among folks of his vintage, and Doddering Joe’s recent problems with his native language suggest that he’s well past his sell-by date. Fortunately for Joe, his first actions as Chief Magistrate and Bottle Washer did not entail a great deal of vocalization. He contented himself instead by autographing a stack of executive orders designed to begin dismantling the achievements of his despised predecessor.

Originally created to facilitate executive branch procedural matters, executive orders have become the political equivalents of crack cocaine, the addictive bipartisan tool that presidents routinely misuse in order to slip their agendas past Congress. As that smirking Clintonista Paul Begala once remarked, “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.” EOs in a functioning constitutional republic are lawful in form, but rarely in content. Which is why modern Chief Executives love them.

Congress is willingly complicit in this extra-Constitutional flim-flam. After all, EOs allow its members to evade sharing responsibility in case a presidential edict goes wrong. Which it often does. Congressional grifters, of course, have their own means of thimblerigging, usually involving the transfer of cash from the pockets of unsuspecting taxpayers by entombing unrelated appropriations deep within the bowels of legitimate legislation where the dim light of public scrutiny rarely shines. It’s the con as practiced by professionals. It’s one reason why so many Congressional nitwits are able to become millionaires in such short periods of time. To be honest, there are other explanations. An experienced cozener will rarely place all of his or her dishonest eggs in one basket. And Joe Biden’s 47 years on Capitol Hill is a lot of experience. Allegations of corruption cling to the senescent ex-senator like the sour smell of borscht in a malodorous Ukrainian dive bar. Especially after the Bidens moved their net worth from rags to riches in less than two years. Joe and Jill climbed their financial hill in record time alright. Guinness would have been proud. But from where did all the buckeroonies come?

According to a Forbes Aug 2019 article:

“When Biden ended his term as vice president in January 2017, he filed another financial disclosure form, listing assets and liabilities worth somewhere between negative $897,000 and positive $489,000”. In other words, the Bidens were underwater.

Then a miracle happened. The floodgates opened and money came pouring in. Again from this Forbes 2019 article: “But over the next 23 months, the Bidens earned more than $15 million, according to tax filings.”

Supposedly this money came from speaking fees of $2.4 million (wife, Jill even managed $700K), book signings, and a Penn State professorship worth almost a million dollars a year. But these figures don’t add up to anywhere near $15 million, so the balance came from somewhere else. (Joe Biden Was Broke In 2017 — Now He’s RICH: Where Did The Millions Suddenly Appear From?)

In any serious country, Geriatric Joe, president or not, would be answering questions before a grand jury. America’s current federal enforcement entities, however, staffed largely by Democrats and former communists, appear to be gearing up instead to chase down Trump supporters and all other citizens who had the unmitigated gall to vote for a Republican. ( Brennan: Biden Intel Community ‘Moving in Laser-Like Fashion’ to Combat Trump Insurgency);  (Leftists Call for New “Secret Police” Unit to Spy on Trump Supporters); (Democrat Urges ‘Domestic War’ Against ‘American Terrorists’ Who Support Trump) This is unity as practiced by modern Democrats–the people our parents and the French Resistance once warned us against.

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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