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Born at an early age.  Spent my first days in an incubator.  Came into the world cryin’, but I’m gonna  leave it laughin’.

  • The President was Harry “To Err Is” Truman.
  • The Boston Braves made it to the World Series.
  • Survived two bouts with pneumonia.

Grew up in the Fifties.

  • I liked Ike; I loved Lucy, American Bandstand, Dick Tracy, Pogo, and Li’l Abner, Sunday doubleheaders.
  • Had a pet raccoon, a good dog, and a bicycle with a basket on the front.

Went to high school in the Sixties. When LBJ was elected, my old granny shook her head sadly, and told me, “The people want socialism.”  I never did agree with her.

  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Kennedy Assassination
  • Gulf of Tonkin incident
  • Motown, the Beatles

Joined the Army.  Fun, Travel, Adventure.  Learned that FTA really meant something else entirely.

  • Basic Training: Northern boys go south, Southern boys go north.
  • Crossed the Atlantic on the last troop ship to Germany. Icy nights in the Fulda Gap.
  • Volunteered for Vietnam.  At least it was warm.
  • Celebrated Tết in ’68 & lived to tell about it.

Army Stuff

  • Came home & joined the VFW (had the only bar that was open on Sundays)

Went to the University of Miami as a long-haired right-winger.

  • Painted “War” on the side of my VW van.
  • Learned to play a bit of 5-string banjo.
  • Camped on No-Name Key, where Cubans trained for the Bay of Pigs.  Mosquitoes were worse than Vietnam.
  • Learned that most of the radicals were the ones teaching the classes.
  • Parachuted from a perfectly good airplane in 1993 just for the hell of it.

Retired at the first available opportunity, 2003.  Don’t look back.

  • Wrote a book.
  • Started this blog.
  • I favor maduro cigars, American whiskey, English ale, and German beer; Cajun food, fiddle music, and screamin’ guitars.
  • There’s way too many things I dislike to list here–Read the blog posts!

Old CrowAnd that’s all, folks.  Now you know who you’re dealing with.

“I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him father.” —Will Rogers

Smoke Cigars

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33 Responses to About Bob Mack

  1. Anonymous says:

    You sound like a jerk.

  2. Liberty says:

    Oh good grief Bob. That’s a hell of a note up there (1st comment), isn’t it.

    Wow, you are certainly a character. Nice to meet you.

    • Bob Mack says:

      And the same. Actually, I laughed for about 10 minutes over that comment. After all the stuff I’ve written raking the libs, I got taken to task just for being me. Highly amusing, but then I’ve oft been accused of an off-kilter sense of humor.

  3. Great bio! Made me smile! Liked your stuff you don’t like list being too long: read my blog! 🙂

    Have fun!


  4. Marcos Campos says:

    The result of our military adventures in Afghanistan will not be known for quite some time. You blog entitled ”Americans” lists Afghanistan as an accomplishment (having routed out the Taliban)… They are coming back! Why must we police the world? Don’t you think our resources should be better employed at home? Our infrastructure is in great need of repair. Our trains are slower than those in Europe or Japan, where the distances are much shorter. Why are you so ethnocentric and arrogant?

    • Bob Mack says:

      1. Afghanistan – Remember 9-11? And BTW, war is not an adventure. If you’d ever been in one, you’d know.
      2. Infrastructure repair, other than interstate highways and bridges, is the responsibility of the individual states and localities, not the federal government. Read the Constitution.
      3. Distances in Europe are shorter? Is that part of the Theory of Relativity I somehow missed?
      4. Ethnocentric & arrogant? Sounds like you should be joining Obama on his next great apology tour. Ah, well, to each his own. At any event, thanks for the comment.

      • Marcos Campos says:

        States & municipalities are in worse shape than the Federal government, especially now that funding to them has been reduced. So don’t expect them to pick up the tab for needed infrastructure improvements.

        We cannot afford to be the policer of the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, and the GOP would like to bomb Iran (never mind the intelligence!), not to mention hot spots like Yemen, Mindanao in the Philippines, Gaza, Lebanon… We can’t be everywhere and we should not be!

        Those military expenditures, which your friends in the Tea Party and the Republican Party, never include when identifying areas to cut, are an enormous burden for any country. And our ”drones” in places like Pakistan are killing innocent civilians, only adding to the antagonism that ordinary people have toward the U.S. It’s like swatting at flies; more will appear somewhere else when you least expect it! Let’s stop all the nonsense!

  5. samiam60 says:

    Quite a Bio you have here. I am laughing as I type cause I think there must have been something in the water back then cause we all turned out to be about the same. Proud to know you my friend. Absolutely, Proud.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Thanks, and the same to you. I don’t know if it was the water or the way the stars lined up, but you know the saying ’bout interesting times…we sure had ’em.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You are against your “democratic” government but continue to live on your “government” pension and “social security”. What a hypocrite!

    • Bob Mack says:

      1. Never once claimed to be against the government, only against the unconstitutional actions of same. Hell, I even went to war for it. Did you?
      2. Pensions & social security? I was forced to pay into ’em, you think I’m donating all that money back? I’m old but I ain’t crazy.
      3. What’s with all with the quotes BTW, and why am I even talking to someone who hasn’t the guts to leave their name. Adios, amigo. Anonymous comments will from now on be deleted.

    • Liberty says:

      WTH? We all paid into the “government”…that includes “social security” you freak. gahh

      You are doggone right mr. I”m gonna get mine and get it fast before the socialist bums squander what is there.

  7. dawnmcghee says:

    Where did you attend law school since you know so much about the Constitution? Harvard Law?

    • Bob Mack says:

      It’s not that complicated a document. It’s brief, and very clearly written. Doesn’t take an attorney to understand it. It’s posted on my free stuff page if you’d care to read it. Pay special attention to the 10th Amendment.

    • ah ha ha ha ah. Is this Ms. Dawn asserting that you must be a law school graduate in order to understand the Constitution?!? oh ho ho, that is funny. Say, I graduated from a law school. Do ya reckon she’d give any deference to my humble opinion about the Constitution? Or does it have to be an Ivy League??? In which case she could just start following Instapundit . . . .

    • Bob Mack says:

      Hari’s a European social democrat, and although I agree with a few of his observations regarding free speech & Islam, if you’re going to cite him as your authority, then I’m afraid we’re not going to have much to discuss when it comes to American traditions and civic institutions. America’s a right-of-center nation, and always has been, as the last round of elections emphatically demonstrated.

      • Marcos Campos says:

        Right of center says who? I beg to differ.

        And the change in demographics in this country, with more young people and minorities participating in the process… does not bode well for the future of the GOP.

        You do not address the thrust of his argument… which is that the GOP takes $ from big corporations & implements policies that benefit those companies rather than the people they are elected to serve…

  8. Bob Mack says:

    Marcos, my friend, ALL politicians accept donations from corporations. But it was the Dems that set a record last year (http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/democrats-rake-record-donations-corporations/story?id=9777742). If you’re naive enough to believe that they’re not guilty of the same influence peddling of which Hari accuses the Pachyderms, then you probably also think that O.J. is innocent. Come on, you’re smarter than that. BTW, I consider myself an independent, not a Republican. I support them (and any other politician) only insofar as they support the U.S. Constitution (in actions, not words). IMHO, every government is a potential threat to liberty, which is why the Founders instituted a system of checks and balances to hopefully restrain the expansion of our beast. Well, it worked for a while.

    • Marcos Campos says:

      Independent? You strike me more as a right wing Tea Partier.

      • Bob Mack says:

        Now, now, Marcos. I didn’t once say you struck me as a left-wing troll, did I? I don’t mind criticism, even the occasional insult, if I think it’s amusing or adds something to the debate. But here’s the bottom line: You’re a guest in my online living room. this is my blog, my online home, and therefore my decision on whether to hear you out or throw you out. If you don’t like my opinions, my suggestion is to head back home to HuffPo or wherever else you illuminated ones gather and Rock On.

  9. AFVET says:

    My, my,….
    You seem to be somewhat of a lightening rod.
    I too retired in 2003.
    Like the site.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Ha. Don’t know why the critics seem to post on my bio page ‘stead of under the posts they don’t like–or maybe it’s just me they don’t like.

      • AFVET says:

        They reduce the opinions of the common sense folks out here that would intentionally demean their ideology.
        They think they have only one opponent,.. you.

        Isolate, Ridicule, Destroy,…Saul Alinsky.
        They will always avoid a group if at all possible.
        They cannot avoid US now.
        Attempts to do so are becoming more and more humorous.

  10. Found you via a comment you made at Americanandproud. My step-father-in-law (yeah, I know, an awkward title but we love him) served in Vietnam 68-69 and 70-71. You remind me of him. Thanks for your service.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Glad to meet you, Noone, and my regards to your step-FIL. Two tours, that’s pushing your luck. Give him my thanks. I extended for an early out, and almost lived to regret it. I liked your comment above to Dawn. She apparently doesn’t know that the Constitution was written so average citizens could readily understand it. Drop by again when you can. I’ll be visiting you on your site as well.

  11. Good stuff, Bob.
    Please send me an e-mail!

  12. Herman Klutz says:

    How can you support a Vietnam War draft dodger for the Texas Parks & Wildlife board of directors. Not only an admitted draft dodger, but Nugent has also plead guilty to violation of California game laws. The people of the Great State of Texas deserve better that a draft dodger and game violator for a public board.

    • Bob Mack says:

      In 2006, an interviewer from the British newspaper The Independent questioned Nugent about a 1977 interview in High Times magazine in which Nugent allegedly detailed elaborate steps taken to avoid the Vietnam draft. In the interview Nugent explains that, contrary to the story in High Times, he was awarded a 1Y (student) deferment because he was enrolled as a student at Oakland Community College.
      “Because I failed to serve in Vietnam, I feel an obligation now, to do everything I can to support those defending our freedom. Do I feel guilt and embarrassment? Yes.”

      A student deferment just don’t cut it, does it? Not with me. Point taken. On the other hand, he’s since been a reliable supporter of the U.S. military, & has entertained troops in the combat zones. The California game violations:

      According to Nugent he was hunting on land owned by a close friend in California. The four-point buck he killed in the hunt was featured on Spirit of the Wild prompting the investigation which he said was led by animal rights groups that have “infested” California Fish and Game. Nugent said the proof of his innocence was in the video of the show which prompted the investigation.
      “My forked horn buck was a forked horn buck. It’s on television, the video is there,” he said. “I pleaded no-contest that there might have been feed within 400-yards of my tree stand, which I couldn’t possibly have known because I would have had to knock on six neighbors’’ doors to find out if they were feeding their goats or alpacas.”
      Nugent says he never puts out feed or bait and that was the case on the California hunt.
      “I was hunting near a natural apple orchard over a white oak tree full of acorns, next to a pond of water,” he said. “I killed bucks legally with all the licenses. I went to great lengths to make sure I was 100-percent legal like I do everywhere I hunt. And I put it on TV. Does that sound like something someone would do if they’re trying to hide a violation?”
      The decision to plead no-contest to the misdemeanor charge came after consideration of what it would take to fight the case. According to Nugent battling the charge would have cost nearly a half-Million dollars and relocating to California for an extended period of time, but it’s a case his attorneys say he would have won. The decision to enter the plea was also in deference to his friend, the landowner, who was caught in the middle of the matter.

      But it’s probably all moot anyway, given Ted’s less than cordial history with Governor Perry.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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