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A Verse For Congress


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On His Behalf??

On My Behalf Article link: ‘On My Behalf’ On my behalf the sun doth shine; It lights my chosen way. On my behalf the stars will glow In luminous array. On my behalf the rain doth fall To soften up … Continue reading

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Goodbye Barry, So Long Joe?

Pundit & political strategist Dick Morris offers up an early Christmas present: …and a blast from the past via today’s E-mail:

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Extra Special Lines

“Did you happen to catch Obama’s recent budget speech where he advised the little man to step aside to allow the “experts”—that is, the professional politicians—to address the nation’s most serious problems? If you didn’t swoon after that miracle of … Continue reading

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Batting Left…Barack OBAMA

H/T to Sarge Charlie The innings drag on as we wait for a conscientious umpire somewhere to make an interference call on the team in the red uniforms: Soft Tyrannies of the Week Obama and Boeing | WSJ Online: Did … Continue reading

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Bail-out of the Century

From ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Never let it be said that the Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead blog ignores the arts. Thanks to Conservatives On Fire, presented herewith is verse from The Bard of Murdock, followed by doggerel recycled … Continue reading

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Republicans Versified

Color them Red, White and Blue, Eight years they had Then bid adieu, Given such a mighty push By those who blamed all things on Bush. The Dems and media abhorred Approval of the waterboard And said that George did … Continue reading

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Democrats Versified

They tax your life, They tax your death, They’d like to tax your very breath. They tax your house, They tax your car, And excise tax your last cigar. They tax your water And your wine, “What once was yours … Continue reading

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