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Jim Comey Takes A Leak

At Least 9 of 38 Deep State ‘Leaks’ to Media Outlets Are Linked to James Comey Well, well.  No wonder the Donald dumped him. It appears that Jim Comey is responsible for more leaks than the iceberg that sunk the … Continue reading

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Comey Lets The Big One Get Away!

Like a lot of accomplished career criminals Mrs. Clinton has committed so many high crimes and misdemeanors, and gotten away with them to boot, that we tend to forget (or ignore) past acts of lawlessness because the new ones keep … Continue reading

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Hillary: The One That Got Away

“Fish,” the old man said. “Fish, you are going to have to die anyway. Do you have to kill me too?” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea If some in the general public were outraged, so were … Continue reading

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