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Sunday Funnies And Random Musings

Random musings: A government that tries to satisfy all its citizens will satisfy none. All men are created equal. That doesn’t mean they stay that way. Good citizens are made, not born. In any group of humans, you will find … Continue reading

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Wish A Hero A Happy Birthday

Let’s help LeatherneckM31 wish an American hero a Happy 90th Birthday: Attention all hands: Iwo Jima Recipient Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams’ 90th birthday is October 2 and I want your help celebrating by sending him a birthday card in time … Continue reading

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“I’d Like To Thank All Those People Who Made This Night Necessary”

Thanks to Yankee great Yogi Berra for the title of this post, and to Matt Ross at Conservative Hideout for the “Most Influential Blogger” nomination.  I’ve been called many things over the years, but “influential” has not normally been one … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2013

Here’s wishing all my blogging friends and visitors a great new year — and to you liberals & progressives who may, by happy circumstance, stop here for a rest, here’s hoping you see the light of liberty in 2013 (before … Continue reading

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Remembering Pearl Harbor, 2012

“I had never known that blood could be so bright red.” — Elizabeth P. MacIntosh (Honolulu After Pearl Harbor) The only thing the living can do for the dead is remember them.

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The Constitution: It’s Around Here Somewhere

“Barack Obama, a man long intent on breaking free from the Constitution’s essential constraints, has succeeded in doing so.” — Phil Kerpen Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama and the Federal Government, our Constitution is not dead yet, but … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Dispatches From The Conservative Underground

Back in the wild old days of the Sixties, the so-called underground press was the exclusive province of the counter-culture — the hirsute hippies, the malodorous Movement types, the middle-aged poets of the incomprehensible who never managed to get off … Continue reading

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Worst President Ever? It’s Indescribably True

Chronicling the misdeeds, abuses of power, ruinous policies, and everyday stupidities of this, the most left-wing and consequently the most destructive administration in the 236 year history of the Republic, is a chore that would challenge the descriptive powers of … Continue reading

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D-DAY Plus …

68 Years  … (Click To Enlarge)   See: Secrets of War: D-Day Deceptions Ike and D- Day, an Audacious Decision | Grumpy Opinions Obama Puts Fundraising Above D-Day | The Daily Rant

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Twilight Of The Republic?

“Ashes to ashes and clay to clay, if the enemy don’t get you your own folks may.” —James Thurber Through the pages of the Politically Incorrect Guide To The British Empire, I became acquainted with Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb, … Continue reading

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