Obama: In Your Guts You Know He’s Nuts

It's Good To Be Home

“The president is turning the Constitution on its head.” — Gov. Greg Abbott, TX

It’s safe to say that Obama’s priorities are not America’s and never have been. And, if he ever attends one of his high school reunions, at least one person will tell him he hasn’t changed a bit:

High School Classmate: Obama Was Lying, Crack-Smoking Homosexual Foreigner

…an old high school friend of Obama from Hawaii, Mia Marie Pope, has dropped a bombshell concerning how our current president identified himself in high school, which could lead to answers to many questions concerning his past. She described to radio show host James Manning in extremely detailed fashion that, having grown up in Hawaii, she knew Obama as a slightly older classmate who went by the name “Barry Soetoro,” a crack smoker who labeled himself as a foreigner and was very much intertwined with the gay community on the island of Oahu.

Michelle Obama's Adams AppleP.J. O‘Rourke was right on the money when he said, “People will tell you anything but what they do is always the truth.”  And when you examine what he has done over the past 8 years and particularly in the last few weeks, the truth about Barack Obama should be as obvious as Michelle Obama’s adam’s apple…

 Obama Doesn’t Think Rapists, Armed robbers, Drug Dealers Are Criminals

According to Team Obama, criminals should now be declared “justice-involved individuals.” The neo-Orwellianism comes to us from the bizarre flurry of last-minute diktats, regulations and bone-chilling threats collectively known to fanboys as Obama’s Gorgeous Goodbye. In another of those smiley-faced, but deeply sinister, “Dear Colleague” letters sent to universities and colleges this week, Obama’s Education Secretary John King discouraged colleges from asking applicants whether they were convicted criminals.

So rapists, burglars, armed robbers and drug dealers aren’t criminals anymore. These folks are simply “involved” with “justice,” according to Obamanoids. Maybe they’re right: “Criminals” is an inherently disparaging term that leads to stigmatization and decreased access to Eugene O’Neill seminars. But don’t we need to retroactively reconfigure how we think of those unfortunate souls who found themselves pursued by harsh enforcers of restrictive behavioral norms? When you think about it, Jack the Ripper was merely a “cutlery-involved individual” while Jeffrey Dahmer was simply an “unconventional dietary-options-involved individual.”

Obama Shoulders Responsibility for Radical Military

House members have a tall task ahead of them, especially with a military as depleted and demoralized as Obama’s. For months, branch leaders have pleaded with Congress to do something about the Force, which they believe is alarmingly weak and unprepared. In a country where the Army was just slashed to pre-World War II levels, who’s surprised? Welcome to Obama’s military: where the threats keep growing and the troops keep shrinking.

With a nuclear Iran on the horizon and the rest of the world on edge, is the president really willing to risk national security to advance his own agenda? All signs point to yes. While top defense officials desperately try to keep the branches afloat, the president’s team is pushing for more social engineering. Only this time, the heated discussion inside the Pentagon mirrors the national one outside of it. Like the rest of the country, the military is aghast that the administration’s main priority isn’t rebuilding troop morale or raising readiness, but rolling out the red carpet to people who identify as transgendered.

Cultural Marxism: America Takes the “Barack Walk” on the Wild Side

“America seems to be stuck in the toilet,” says Alveda King, commenting on the Obama administration’s war with North Carolina over sexually confused people getting access to the bathrooms of their choice. The pro-life leader notes that while there are real problems the administration could tackle, it has instead decided that access to public bathrooms by a new sexual minority has suddenly become a high priority under federal civil rights laws. As a result, the country is “headed for disaster,” King says. This is not an accident. Cultural Marxism, the subject of the new book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, explains the grip that this fanatical ideology has on so many elites in America today. If you doubt how pervasive this has become, watch or read the remarks of Attorney General Loretta Lynch on how transgenderism has suddenly become the wave of the future. Describing the North Carolina bathroom bill, which restricts restroom access by objective measures of DNA and biology, Lynch said, “This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation.”

Liberal Science: Trannies Are Essential For Human Evolution

Science is the language of facts. Liberal Science is the language of bullshit. It’s a bunch of made up mumbo jumbo that lefties use to defend their indefensible beliefs. Some examples of liberal science are that an unborn baby is no more a living human being than a plantar wart, that snow and ice means man-made global warming is real, and that a person born with a penis is really a woman if he identifies that way … Should we do all of this shit just because liberals want chicks with dicks to pee next to little girls in public restrooms?

Democrats, especially those subscribing to that collection of toxic delusions known as “progressivism”, have finally crossed the invisible line that separates the clinically insane from the rest of us. 

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Stuck In (Gender) Neutral

Bathroom Privilege

Justice Is Swerved

The Obama administration believes it can bypass Congress. It can even ignore the Constitution. But as long as the Constitution exists, it cannot silence the people — who, like us, think the White House and the commander and chief should be focused on America’s safety, not America’s bathrooms. A government big enough to control the bathroom policies of communities across the nation is a government big enough to flush our freedoms. — Tony Perkins/The Patriot Post

The latest front in the deranged Left’s ongoing war against common sense is the movement (no pun intended) to institutionalize gender-neutral bathrooms across the length and breadth of America’s increasingly fruited plain, an aberration fully supported by Barack Obama, a man many of us have always suspected of sitting down to pee. Fey Obama, last seen preparing to name a Greenwich Village gay dive bar as a national monument, has even sicced his Department of Injustice enforcers on the state of North Carolina,  threatening to withhold their share of the federal government’s redistributionist spoils unless all Tarhill cans go generic by Monday.

“President Barack Obama’s deputies have told the North Carolina Governor that all single-sex public bathrooms — including those in K-12 schools — must be opened to people of both sexes by Monday to prevent “discrimination” against the roughly 1-in-2,400 American adults who say they’re transgender. If the state doesn’t give up Americans’ right to decide who gets to use single-sex bathrooms and school locker rooms by Monday, then the federal government could start blocking the routine federal spending and tax transfers to the state — unless federal courts block the administration’s threat of sex-related harassment.”

And so North Carolina sues the Feds; the Feds sue North Carolina — and in Obama’s home state of Illinois, 51 families have sued the government, alleging that the Obamunists have usurped their constitutional right to instill “moral standards and values” in their kids.  Which, of course, they have — they’ve been doing it for nigh onto 8 years now. To Obama and his warped minions, a moral is a peeling likeness of Che Guevara painted on the wall of a shabby directorate in downtown Havana.

Che Obama

The problem of gender-inclusive facilities has, of course, been solved by the progressive apparatchiks in Comrade Bill de Blasio’s People’s Republic of New York.  They’ve made it legal for people to p*ss in the street.

McCoy Cartoon


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Name Game


Given Name DONALD

GENDER: Masculine

PRONOUNCED: DAHN-əld (English)
Meaning & History
From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means “ruler of the world”

“Would you pay attention to a guy with that name? Maybe – if he was a comedian … With the name Donald Trump, he loves to do anything to obtain abundance and power. People with this vibration can sell themselves or sell just about any product that comes along.”


The Donald was not my first choice for President.  In fact, I’m not altogether pleased that he’s my last.  A bombastic billionaire with bad hair and a big mouth?  Gimme a break.  On the other hand, a candidate who put the wretched G.O.P. Washington establishment to the torch can’t be all bad.  Who knows, maybe he can make America great again.  Somebody has to.
“The Perpetually Re-elected Progressive Elite, the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream media, and their pet poodle pundits make fun of Trump by calling him a ‘Reality TV Star.’  They just don’t get it … They say he is brash, uncouth, and disrespectful to the army of political hacks he has been confronting and will continue to confront. They just don’t get it … Trump is going to beat Hillary like a drum.  He is going to win in a landslide, and he is going to drag the Republican Party that tried to reject him along for the ride.  I am predicting that due to his wave,  election coattails the Republicans will increase their majorities in the House and the Senate.What is the cause of this phenomenon?  Generations of politicians who run as outsiders and who become insiders as soon as they enter the moral and patriotic black hole and before they start swirling in the DC drain to their life-time pensions.  Generations of politicians who sold us out in so-called free trade deals that gave others a free pass into our markets while keeping their own locked to us.  Generations of politicians who have spent us into oblivion, printed more money than there is paper, and borrowed so much money from other nations that we are now the world’s greatest debtor.

So who is to blame for the coming over throw of the twin headed bird of prey that is the Government Party of Power: the politicians themselves. Living in their bubble asking why those who have no bread don’t eat cake; they have no idea of what is coming.  Their pollsters are polling themselves and providing the information their paymasters want to see.  And all the while out here in the Heartland a tsunami is brewing that will wash them all away.” — Trump Trumps Never-Trump

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Obama’s Legacy

Not Again

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Ryan’s Song

Ryan's Song

“The House passed Rep. Paul Ryan’s $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, negotiated with Rep. Nancy Pelosi.  A majority of House Republicans voted for the measure, which fully funds Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMers, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior.” Breitbart

“Obama gloated over the agreement, saying he got nearly everything he wanted and gave up very little…” Hot Air

“The Republicans have the largest number of seats in the House they’ve had in Congress since the Civil War. And it hasn’t made any difference at all. It is as though Nancy Pelosi is still running the House and Harry Reid is still running the Senate.” —  Ibid

Charlie Brown


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The Obama Problem

How To Make America Safe

No comment needed on this report.  Via DCWhispers:

Obama Dragged To Address Terror Threat, “Kicking & Screaming”

[…] Immediately after the San Bernardino terror attack, the President of the United States was said to be initially interested in the events to the point of outright excitement for the opportunity to once again make a call for enhanced federal gun control measures – which he did. Within hours of the attack it became clear to federal officials that Islamic terror played an integral role. Once that was known, Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm is said to have “waned considerably.” And then when the L.A. FBI office went public with calling San Bernardino a terrorist attack, both Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett went into “warpath mode.” … At one point, the president is said to have flung several papers onto the floor of the Oval Office as he sat behind his desk stewing over Director’s Comey’s now-infamous terrorist attack remarks. “This was supposed to be a gun issue for us, not some anti-Islamic bullsh*t!” … During the intense back and forth among speech writers and Jarrett, was a moment where Barack Obama is said to have pointed defiantly at Jarrett and declared, “This is just as much an Israel problem as it is a gun problem! Nobody wants to say it, but it’s true!


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Deface The Nation

Words To Live By

“For only the third time in his presidency, Barack Obama will commandeer the airwaves for an address to the American people directly from the Oval Office. I have to assume that Valerie Jarrett has become alarmed at the public reaction to his feckless response to the San Bernardino shootings, attempting to deny terrorism on the part of a couple one of whom posted her allegiance to ISIS.” —Thomas Lifson

Busy Signal

“Local Muslims Fear Backlash From Next Tuesday’s Bombing.” — Tim Blair (via @iowahawkblog)

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Lady And The Trump


“Hillary should spend more time producing her illegally hidden emails and less time trying to obfuscate a statement by meDonald Trump

“”Some of my best deals were made by my son, Donald…everything he touches seems to turn to gold.”” Fred C. Trump

It’s a wonder that anyone other than the next-of-kin would want a Clinton back in the Oval Office, especially the distaff half of the infamous duo from Arkansas and arguably the more corrupt. But for modern Democrats, emotion and ideology will always trump (if you’ll pardon the pun) reason and common sense.  The presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2016 is a political slug whose trail of slime stretches back to the ’70s, a woman whose former boss said of her:

“She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

PresidentialAnd nothing has changed. Currently under investigation by the FBI for her mishandling of classified material via her private computer servers, Hillary Clinton is a vindictive human being of seriously impaired judgement and questionable ethics whose only observable achievement is world-class grifting.  A vote to install her in the White House she once plundered ought to earn whoever casts it an immediate express ticket to the far side of Hades.

On the other side, the Republican front-runner is an abrasive billionaire businessman with weird hair and an ego the size of Australia who has insulted more people in less time than Don Rickles — although, honestly, the recipients of Mr. Trump’s ire generally deserved it (right, Rosie? right, CNN?)  And, as far as anyone knows, Trump earned his boodle more or less legitimately instead of shaking down from California to Kowloon anybody with a spare peso.  Trump is wildly popular with the seething masses in the hinterlands, and, not needing either their dollars or their approval, is not beholden to the G.O.P. establishment, a fact which has those august old crony capitalists gnashing their false teeth and soiling their silken undergarments.

Assuming that Hillary can stay one step ahead of the gendarmes, and the Donald isn’t suddenly caught smuggling Chinese hairpieces over the southern border, it’s likely to be a wild ride along the campaign trail for the next 10 months.


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America Don’t Need A Weatherman

Greatest Threat

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists [the climate change summit] will be…” — Barack Obama

It takes a special kind of idiot to believe the weather is a bigger threat to America’s national security than a gang of fanatic Islamic killers who control a land area the size of Great Britain and a war chest bigger than Barack Obama’s ego —  and this is an administration that has just about cornered the market on idiots.  Of course, it could be that Barry and his merry band of anti-American Muz-symps are a part of the gang.  Which would explain a lot.  In fact, viewed from that angle, Obama’s heretofore inexplicable foreign policy  is perfectly logical — and completely malignant.


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Obama Welcomes Muslims, Gives Christians The Boot!

Why Obama Loves Illegals


Despite his sanctimonious posturing, Obama cherishes some refugees a lot more than others:

Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution at the hands of ISIS are being turned away at the American border despite having family sponsors – as thousands of Muslims are granted asylum. At least 27 of the targeted minority, known as Chaldeans, have been held in detention in San Diego since entering through the Mexican border this spring. Now, after months of waiting, 22 have been denied asylum and sent back across the Atlantic to Europe, as another five await a verdict.

In total, America had accepted just 727 fleeing Christians at the start of 2015 – a fraction of the 4,200 Muslims granted asylum – and few since.

Obama doesn’t want refugees…he wants Muslims.

Muslim In Chief


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