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A Brief History Of How We Got To Now

Cartoon by Rand Holmes PTG

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Marxist Of Interest


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“On Monday, the Obama White House praised Iran for cooperating with international inspectors–as Iran inspected its own military facility for evidence of nuclear activity.” (Iran Deal: White House Lauds Iranian Self-Inspection) Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: Hillary Investigates Self; Declares Innocence; Blames … Continue reading

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Disaster Area — Any Place Governed By A Democrat

“I think we as a country have to do some soul-searching.” — Barack Obama “Barack Obama is right – America does indeed have some soul-searching to do, namely regarding the terrible mistake in allowing Mr. Obama to be its president.” … Continue reading

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Moving Further From The Light

William Shakespeare wrote these words for Macbeth, but insert the president’s name for the first word, “Life,” and you could not have a better description of America’s Nero: “[Obama‘s] but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets … Continue reading

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His Gal Val

For six years, America has been ruled by a small clique who adroitly bypassed Constitutional checks and balances, while also rendering the mainstream press impotent. No official seems to hold more power over Barack Obama than Ms. Jarrett–someone who never has been … Continue reading

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The GOP Takes A Dive

Boehner and Obama Join to Pass Bill Funding Obamacare and Amnesty “John Boehner has just squandered the election results before the Republicans even are sworn in.” — Rush Limbaugh “$2.5 billion for illegal immigrants and Obamacare is funded through the … Continue reading

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A Continuum Of Weasels

__________ __________ “In a desperate email sent to Obama supporters this morning, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee suggested that unless liberals show that they are ‘still standing with President Obama,’ their beloved leader could end up in the slammer.” — … Continue reading

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Withering Heights

“I am sorry for a fellow when, every time he goes off by himself, he is in the worst company he was ever in in his life.” — Sam Jones *** “The President’s unconstitutional action is a direct threat to … Continue reading

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The Executive Outlaw

 Based on his subversive actions, by definition Barack Obama is indeed making war against America, and it’s high time Congress responded by declaring their own war on a man who became a domestic enemy the day he violated his oath … Continue reading

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