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Disaster Area — Any Place Governed By A Democrat

“I think we as a country have to do some soul-searching.” — Barack Obama “Barack Obama is right – America does indeed have some soul-searching to do, namely regarding the terrible mistake in allowing Mr. Obama to be its president.” … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Empty Chair

Obama Hires A Mouthpiece […] Which brings us to the strange case of President Obama’s decision to hire Neil Eggleston to be his new White House Counsel. Eggleston is the kind of guy you go to when someone tells you, … Continue reading

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…and Democratic dimwits like Dumb Deb have the nerve to call Republicans extremists?? Related Stories: Bill Clinton sent friendly handwritten note to chairman of mosque that al-Awlaki led, al-Qaeda operatives worked for, 9/11 hijackers worshipped at (Daily Caller) Top Socialist … Continue reading

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Franks and Weiners

Ah, the hell with it–I’m goin’ for ribaldry.  If Weiner won’t quit, neither will I…

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From The Department Of Lost And Found

President Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes While in Office, New Book Claims – ABC News. “Err, I Seem To Have Misplaced Them…” (MAIL online) Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs Says Nuclear ‘Biscuit’ Went Missing for Months Amazing.  This is what … Continue reading

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Hot Tea

One Nation Under Revolt Will National GOP Help Delaware’s O’Donnell? This Changes Everything Paladino Rout of Lazio Jolts New York Republicans A big night for the Tea Party, and Establishment hacks from both parties are bleating like sheep that smell … Continue reading

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