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The Saturday Evening Post-Op, Obama Edition

“Obama weighed in on Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner on this month’s cover of Vanity Fair, hailing the former Olympian for having the ‘courage’ to do so publicly.” (Obama Uses Social Media to Praise Bruce Jenner’s Transition) “Obama took … Continue reading

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As American As … Apple Pie??

Setting aside the legal criteria required to hold the office of the President, it doesn’t much matter whether a man was born in Oahu or Lower Slobbovia.  The essence of being American means subscribing to a set of principles on … Continue reading

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Snakes In The White House

Compared to Barack Obama, Benedict Arnold was a rank amateur… “President Obama has strengthened Israel’s defense in concrete and unprecedented ways …” — White House blog “They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to … Continue reading

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Grand Old Cavemen

“I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just … Continue reading

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Rudi And The Red

“Ex-NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s statement that Barack Obama was influenced by communists in his youth and doesn’t love his country isn’t nearly as fascinating as the reaction to it.” — Selwyn Duke “In Obama [the media] see themselves. What he … Continue reading

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Traitor or Idiot: You Decide

Barack Hussein Obama Finally Points Finger for Islamic ISIS Terrorism — Says Those Who Criticize Islam Are at Fault (NO JOKE) Obama Opens ‘Extremism’ Summit With Muslim Prayer, No Other Faiths Allowed–Biden Says Christians Are Murderers Obama refuses to acknowledge … Continue reading

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Obama and His Selfie Stick

See more unbridled narcissism here: Which image of Obama mugging for BuzzFeed’s cameras diminishes the presidency the most, ranked The dwindling number of America’s Obamunists are wont to defend such unseemly presidential preening as mere horseplay.  No argument here.  In … Continue reading

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Obama The Lyin’ Hearted

“White House aides are still trying to explain President Obama’s controversial prayer breakfast speech after he reminded Christians that they ‘committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.’” — Breitbart Not much explanation needed.  The President of the United States … Continue reading

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Obama: Cuba, Si! America, NO!

“[Castro] has been a mythological figure to the left-wing press since the 1950s. For 40 years they’ve chosen to ignore the repressive nature of this Stalinist regime that has done so much to try to harm America.” — Brent Bozell … Continue reading

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The GOP Takes A Dive

Boehner and Obama Join to Pass Bill Funding Obamacare and Amnesty “John Boehner has just squandered the election results before the Republicans even are sworn in.” — Rush Limbaugh “$2.5 billion for illegal immigrants and Obamacare is funded through the … Continue reading

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