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Obama “Airs” Another Grievance

Barack Obama and his motley crew of left-wing in-patients remind me more and more of the schizophrenic who appeared in my office one day with his head wrapped in a chain — an appropriate metaphor, by the way, for today’s … Continue reading

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They’re Mean, They’re Green, And They’re Coming For YOU!

What’s an Office of Environmental Justice without a few battalions of gun-toting Environmental Police to force you to do their bidding? From their website (emphases mine): Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of … Continue reading

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Wednesday Digest Of Indigestible News

EPA lawyer: What Constitution? “Hello… America-to-Bob-Sussman… under our Constitution, the legislative branch makes the laws and the executive branch executes them. EPA has no constitutional authority to take any action that has not been not previously authorized by Congress. Contrary … Continue reading

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“Smart” Grid? Nope, Just Totalitarian

Hiss of a Smart Grid (Right Side News) “Like the honeyed hiss of a serpent, the article (excerpted above) gives little clue to its deadly nature. One would never know from its tiny existence what is planned. But read closely … Continue reading

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