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Public Enemies

 From The People’s Cube comes a shocking new poll: Public’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low in New Poll! A new poll taken of the political class elites reveals that the public’s approval rating has fallen to a new low with … Continue reading

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The Vampire Barack

A recent bit of Web weirdness concerns this photograph, recently offered for sale on E-Bay, with a portion of the seller’s caption beneath: “Original c.1870 carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like [actor] Nick Cage. Personally, I … Continue reading

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The Obama Downgrade—A One Man Submersible

Jimmy Kimmel has a few words on the One—downgraded now to Half-A-One: H/T to Tom & Richard

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Never To Be On DVD

Here’s to Barack Obama, the man whose words could fertilize a thousand fallow Third World fields…as TexasGalt so eloquently tweeted: Needing time to recover from last night’s presidential prevarications, I hereby present Andrew Klavan at the Oscars–a salute to the … Continue reading

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Faking It

Via Weasel Zippers: Women who cannot afford to get their hymens surgically re-attached in Canada prior to marriages in their cultural country of origin have a less expensive option: they can order one in the mail. Starting at just $29.95, … Continue reading

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On Geezerhood

I’ve somehow ended up in early geezerhood, which is an interesting turn of events for someone who never really expected to see the far side of 30.  And one of the things I’ve come to realize in my dotage is … Continue reading

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My Dinner With Obama

I’ve set aside time for four supporters like you to join me for dinner. Most campaigns fill their dinner guest lists primarily with Washington lobbyists and special interests… …We rely on everyday Americans giving whatever they can afford — and … Continue reading

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Batting Left…Barack OBAMA

H/T to Sarge Charlie The innings drag on as we wait for a conscientious umpire somewhere to make an interference call on the team in the red uniforms: Soft Tyrannies of the Week Obama and Boeing | WSJ Online: Did … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To Mork?

The video below is from Front Page Magazine’s Why No One Likes Bill Maher, a truism needing no further exposition, unless you happen to be one of Maher’s fawning Tinseltown peeps who misidentifies their hero’s condescending barbs as actual witticisms. … Continue reading

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Obama Locked Out Of White House; Country Rejoices

It’s probably safe to assume that Barack Obama is the first President in American history to return from an overseas jaunt to find himself locked out of his own White House.  It’s probably equally safe to assume that there’s no … Continue reading

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