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America Don’t Need A Weatherman

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists [the climate change summit] will be…” — Barack Obama It takes a special kind of idiot to believe the weather is a bigger threat to America’s national security than a gang of fanatic … Continue reading

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A Leaky Container

“I’ll show you Paris in the morning I’ll show you London afternoon If you feel your Dublin heart is burning Yeah, well you don’t have to worry cause we’re goin’ there soon…” — Joe Purdy “If you honestly take Barack … Continue reading

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Super Caliphate-gilistic Expialidocious!

Its social media savvy has made Isis a “terror brand” to rival al-Qaida, with supporters worldwide following the brutal exploits of the Islamist group through its Twitter updates or even downloading the group’s own app. Now supporters can show their … Continue reading

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