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Bicarb & Bon Mots “What are we celebrating exactly?” — New York Times Magazine National Correspondent Mark Leibovich Only in a country as sadly obsessed with celebrity as ours would anyone besides the congenitally deranged waste a Saturday evening watching the … Continue reading

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Obama, Old Nick, And The Sons Of Alinsky

“Hundreds of agencies, departments, programs, task forces, and commissions are an arsenal that in the wrong hands can be used against the very freedom the government is supposed to uphold, protect and defend.  Rest assured, it’s in the wrong hands.” … Continue reading

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The Protocols Of Barack H. Obama

[…] In one sense, it’s ironic: American Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, and this is the thanks they get. But in another sense, it’s typical of the enforced groupthink of the American left: “overwhelmingly” is not enough. Everyone needs to … Continue reading

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Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

The incendiary Jeremiah Wright continues to cling to the Obama narrative like a barnacle on the hull of a garbage scow.  But despite recent allegations of attempted bribery by Windy City operatives of the Big Red One, as detailed in Ed … Continue reading

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