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Obama: Ramadan-a Ding Dong

“…divining Obama’s foreign policy should have been relatively easy given his background – a world seen through the eyes of someone whose father was a Muslim, as was his step-father, whose early education was in a Muslim madrassa, followed by … Continue reading

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When Fools (And Obama) Rush In

“There are grand forces in human history. Then there are the actions of fools who think they can control events and who then start actions that spiral out of control.” — Rosslyn Smith Back in 2008, Barack Obama promised to … Continue reading

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Obama Goes To Congress

“President Barack Obama has no foreign policy or military strategy on Syria. So he has reverted to a successful domestic policy strategy: blame Congress. His last-minute decision to seek Congressional approval is a win-win politically: if the vote fails, he … Continue reading

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The Worms Turn

Whenever the likes of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi begin to toot the tocsin of war, you can be sure that it will never be in America’s national interest to unlimber the caissons.  This unholy triumvirate of socialist … Continue reading

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Obama: A Syrias Man

Barack Obama, a man whose hawkishness always seems to somehow benefit the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, is at it again.  Using the chemical weapons attack purportedly committed by the forces of Syrian president Assad as his pretext, the ‘morally … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama And The 40 Thieves

“Who trusts the “executive” who claims he doesn’t know what’s going on, and has no plans to find out?” — John Hayward If a measly 40 thieves were all we had to worry about, the country would be in decent … Continue reading

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