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Obamacare Calculator: Do The Math Yourself

What’s the REAL cost of Obamacare You decide which estimates get it right! “This calculator allows you to see how Obamacare would affect important issues—like insurance premiums, government health spending, deficits and health coverage—if CBO projections don’t materialize. The Obamacare … Continue reading

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Czarry About That

Obama Picks Warren to Set Up Consumer Bureau – NYTimes.com. “Ms. Warren, 61, an authority on bankruptcy law, has developed a following among liberals for her writings and advocacy on behalf of working-class and middle-class families.” He’s done it again, … Continue reading

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Sign Of The Times

The American Spectator : Your Tax Dollars at Work…for Obama. “Projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will bear a newly-designed emblem,” the OMB directive said. “The emblem is a symbol of President Obama’s commitment to the … Continue reading

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Passing The Bucks

Obama Assails GOP, Promotes New Jobs Program. AFTERNOON UPDATE (Category–Boo Hoo):  Mr. Obama also used Monday’s appearance to deliver a hearty defense of his policies and take a few whacks at Republicans. ‘They talk about me like a dog,’ the … Continue reading

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