Looking For Doc George, Vietnam 1969

LZ White 1969, Tây Ninh Province, Republic of Vietnam

An old buddy of mine recently posted this notice in a paper for Vietnam vets:

Looking for Doc George, a medic assigned to Delta Co. 1st of the 8th Cav. March 1969 @L.Z. White. Also looking for other guys with the Company at that time.

In an effort to help expand the search parameters, I’m requesting that anyone who knows of the good doctor or recognizes him in the picture below, to please leave a message in the comments section of this post. Other comments are welcome, particularly from “Jumping Mustang” vets (D 1/8, 1st Cavalry Division) who were on the LZ on 3/21/69.

Doc George, D 1/8, 1st Cavalry Division, Republic of Vietnam

Here’s a bit of Tom’s story:

“I was RTO [Radio/Telephone Operator], humping the Company radio, when we were hit on LZ White, 3/21/69. [The] battalion RTO and I were next to the command bunker. I was on guard, heard mortar rounds going off in the distance and knew we were going to get hit.

We were under a culvert covered with sand bags, about 25 feet from the bunker where Skeeter [Donald Johnston, MOH] and Bobby [Joseph Eustaquio] were killed. I was very lucky—got blown of my feet by an enemy sapper lobbing a satchel charge, my weapon and one of the radios were inoperable due to shrapnel damage. I was only slightly wounded, ruptured eardrum and minor shrapnel wounds, not ambulatory. It was a real clusterf**k, enemy soldiers all over, about half of the perimeter. Doc George and I carried this guy to the first aid tent, he was screaming all the way…light in the tent revealed that his leg was gone, don’t think he made it.”

Doc George

Joseph "Bobby" Eustaquio, KIA 3/21/69, on left with unidentified GI

L-R Tom Paulovitz, Mike Gillis, & unidentified GI from Guam

Thanks in advance for your help, guys, and thanks for your service.

“Each soldier past, and you now here

Do share what will not disappear

One thought now comes, straight from my heart

For soldiers home, who’ve done their part

I’m honored to have served with you

May Godly peace, help get you through”

©2002 Roger J. Robicheau – We Stood For Freedom

4 Responses to Looking For Doc George, Vietnam 1969

  1. Mustang says:

    Whenever I hear people talking about “the greatest generation,” my response is … “What were we? Chopped liver?” Fantastic write up, Bob … and even though I assume you posted it a while ago, I’ve re-tweeted it.

    Semper Fi

  2. Lynn Titus says:

    My friend Sgt Mose Hundley of HHC, 8th Enginner Battalion was killed at LZ White during that attack. He was a short-timer. We last talked a few days before this incident.

    • William Helko says:

      My name isWilliam Helko I was with HHC 8 th Eng. Bn. Hundley was my Sgt was with him on Lz White were both from Detroit helped put him on a chopper I was in the ammo dump when I got back he was gone good poker player I try and read all I can about Lz White but no one ever talks about the friendly fire I saw it happen two rockets from a chopper hit a mortar tube I’ve never read a word about it.

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