Hillary: Nice Lies Finish Last

Be Yourself

Wearing a white pantsuit, Hillary Clinton plodded out on stage to accept the nomination that she had schemed, plotted, lied, cheated, rigged and eventually fixed a series of elections to obtain. Then she claimed that she was accepting the nomination of a race she had rigged with “humility”. Humility is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Hillary Clinton. It is not even the last word. It is not in the Hillary dictionary at all. But this convention was a desperate effort to humanize Hillary. Everyone, including her philandering husband and dilettante daughter, down to assorted people she had met at one point, were brought up on stage to testify that she really is a very nice person. This wasn’t a convention. It was a series of character witnesses for a woman with no character. —  Daniel Greenfield/Welcome to the Communist Party, U.S.A.

Who knows? Maybe Hillary Clinton wouldn’t actually shove the family dog into a pizza oven if she thought it’d help launch her into the Oval Office.  But if I was the dog, I’d be sleeping with one eye open.

 She promised to make government bigger and bigger and bigger. A communist at heart, she promised to suck up to the hardcore socialists in her party. She promised to empty the prisons. She promised to create worse-than-useless green jobs with big taxpayer subsidies. She promised to flood the country with aliens, illegal or otherwise, and hard-to-assimilate Muslims. With her grating voice, she attacked Republican nominee Donald Trump shrilly and relentlessly … She thanked Bernie Sanders, who this week jettisoned his affiliation with the Democratic Party the moment it ceased to be useful. The Sanders campaign, like Clinton’s was historic. The small-c communist carnival barker from Vermont performed the seemingly impossible by pushing the party even further to the left … If in the wake of the convention Democrats were any more left-wing the “Internationale” would become their official song. — Matthew Vadum/Hillary’s Hate

Hillary might have worn white to her coronation, but beneath the expensively tailored pantsuit, she remains the same Birkenstock-wearing, hairy-legged, foul-tempered radical  she was back in the ’60’s. Dolly Kyle, one of Bill Clinton’s old girlfriends, describes the nominee as she appeared in the bad old days:

“a dowdy-looking woman who appeared to be middle-aged” with “thick eyebrows melded together stretching across her forehead,” wearing “coke-bottle-thick lenses” and “a misshapen, brown, dress-like thing that must have been intended to hide her lumpy body. The garment was long, but stopped too soon to hide her fat ankles and her thick calves covered with black hair. Thick brown sandals did nothing to conceal her wide feet and the hair on her toes. I couldn’t imagine why Billy would haul such a person in the plane with him in public.”

‘Hillary needs the power’ and she is ruthless, Dolly writes.

Hillary left college being described as a budding Leninist, her ideology in line with the Communist party. Why would the United States want to have Hillary Rodham Clinton as the President of the United States when, according to her learning, the United States had to change from a free society into a Marxist or Communist society? But it does get worse—much worse. As Hillary Rodham Clinton moved on through her college days, she became more aligned with the ideology that the United States was not good for her ideas or those of her mentors, one of whom she held a high regard (Saul Alinsky). — Leon Puissegur/Exposing the Marxist/Communist Past of Hillary Clinton

“Hillary For President” isn’t a campaign slogan.  It’s a suicide note.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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2 Responses to Hillary: Nice Lies Finish Last

  1. bydesign001 says:

    “’Hillary For President’ isn’t a campaign slogan. It’s a suicide note.”

    Yet these foul Communists dare deflect and smear that of which they themselves are guilty on to Donald Trump. It is the norm for Progressives have a habit of deflecting their nefarious deeds and intent on to others. Doing so, ensures that they’re able to sleep at night.

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