MoveOn Wisconsin

“What A Revoltin’ Development This Is!”

…bemoaned the late William Bendix in his weekly guise as besieged Everyman Chester A. Riley.  Riley, however, never knew how good he had it in the nifty fifties. Back then, public nuisances like the disrespectful rabble occupying Madison (see video) and the deranged MoveOn activists throwing communistic hissy-fits in ‘solidarity’ with formerly pampered Wisconsin union members, would have been tossed summarily into the local hoosegow prior to being set to work unlittering county roadways.  But those halcyon days of yore are unfortunately gone, remembered fondly only by a few old geezers who can recall a time when union dues were not routinely siphoned into the coffers of the Democratic Party and pension funds were used for the benefit of pensioners, not looted by corrupt labor leaders.  Nowadays highways are maintained, if at all, by employees belonging to  the International Union of  Operating Engineers, and public eyesores like the unabashed Marxist revolutionary Van Jones, Obama’s former ‘Green Jobs’ czar, celebrate themselves on the editorial pages of the New York Times.



Civility Now?

Like Seinfeld’s Frank Constanza during his doomed quest for serenity, liberals love to scream about civil discourse while never practicing it.  Michelle Malkin catalogs the envenomated victims of Big Labor’s misogynistic, homophobic, racist pit vipers:

[…] Sexual vulgarity is a common theme in the left’s self-styled “solidarity” movement. Among the Madison pro-union signs the national media chose not to show you: “Buttholes for Billionaires” (complete with a photo of Walker’s head placed in the middle of a graphic photo of someone’s posterior) and “If teabaggers are as hot as their Fox News anchors, then I’m here for the gang bang!!!”

Last month, GOP Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch was subjected to similar misogyny for her outreach efforts to private businesses. Liberal WTDY radio host John “Sly” Sylvester accused her of performing “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee” and sneered that she had “pulled a train” (a crude phrase for group sex).

At an AFSCME rally in Providence, R.I., on Tuesday, an unhinged pro-union supporter picked an unprovoked fight with a citizen journalist taping the event for public access TV. His eyes bulging, the brawler yelled: “I’ll f–k you in the a–, you f—-t!”

After several unsuccessful minutes of trying to calm their furious ally down, the solidarity mob finally started chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, union-busting’s got to go” to drown out his intimidating vow to follow the cameraman outside the building. Criminal charges are now pending against him. None of the local media who covered the event thought to mention the disruption in their coverage.

In Columbus, Ohio, supporters of GOP Gov. John Kasich’s fiscal reforms were confronted with a fulminating union demonstrator who railed: “The Tea Party is a bunch of d**k-sucking corporate butt-lickers who want to crush the working people of this country.”

In Denver, Colo., Leland Robinson, a gay black Tea Party activist and entrepreneur who criticized teachers unions at a Capitol rally, was told by white labor supporters to “get behind that fence where you belong.” They called the 52-year-old limousine driver “son” and subjected him to this ugly, racially charged taunt: “Do you have any children? That you claim?”

Tea Party favorite and former Godfather’s Pizza President Herman Cain is another outspoken black conservative businessman who has earned the civility mob’s lash. Two weeks ago, a cowardly liberal writer derided Cain as a “monkey in the window,” a “garbage pail kid” and a “minstrel” who performs for his “masters.”

Monkey. Parrot. Puppet. Lawn jockey. Uncle Tom. Aunt Thomasina. Oreo. Coconut. Banana. We minority conservatives have heard it all.

If vitriolic, foul-mouthed louts like these are representative of the rank and file, then the files are even ranker than previously suspected.

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About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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14 Responses to MoveOn Wisconsin

  1. samiam60 says:

    This is Fantastic Bob, you have captured here the essence of the Liberal Left in words and images. Sometimes when I awake in the morning and check the blogs I find myself in disbelief as to what is going on in America today. Sometimes I awake hoping it was all only a Nightmare.

    American’s going RED.

    It sickens me to no end.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Morning, SAMI. Saw this on Michelle Malkin’s blog this a.m.:

      Yesterday there were many pro-union rallies in the country intended as a show of solidarity with Wisconsin. Among them, Lansing, Michigan:

      LANSING – Some 2,000 union members and supporters from across Michigan rallied at the state Capitol building today to support Wisconsin’s public employee unions and against what they called corporate-sponsored Republican attacks on working people.

      That included Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, who fired up the crowd with a campaign-like, pro-union welcome speech.

      “I can understand why Thomas Jefferson said a little revolution now and then is a good thing,” said Bernero to loud cheers. He was the losing Democratic gubernatorial candidate last fall.

      “The assault on unions, the assault on the public employees is nothing less than an assault on the American people.”

      Jefferson was correct, which I suppose is why there were so few blue counties in the 2010 Michigan gubernatorial election.

  2. thanks for that Ann Althouse vid, I had not seen it. Watching those kids squirm was a great deal of fun. They knew they were caught, but thought it was BS, but couldn’t admit it b/c that would be admitting that don’t respect vets or the military.

    • Bob Mack says:

      The ‘support the troops’ blather of post-9/11 progressives has always been compost, spread for the purpose of fertilizing the electoral potential of Democrats. What those kids need is a good long stint in the Marine Corps (or Army, Navy, & Air Force). BTW, thanks for the ‘serenity now’ comment the other day, which gave me the idea for the ‘Civility Now’ lead-in.

  3. J. P. Morgan says:

    The venom of the left has for years been overlooked by the MSM, mainly because the MSM represents the left. However, the MSM has been marginalized by FSM, which is the Folk’s Stream Media as represented by the blogosphere, social media outlets, and a couple good cable TV channels. Sure the Public Unions are upset–don’t blame them–they see the gravy train coming to an end. They have had the “Life of Riley” for too long. Obama promised “Change.” Well, they are getting it all right.

  4. Angel says:

    flea baggers is right..hey BOB..great piece ..true true the vitriol is sickening..stay strong friend!

  5. samhenry says:

    Great post, Bob. As Sami said, you can evoke an entire era.

    I thought, mistakenly no doubt, that the end of education was to produce independent thinkers and a civilized individual who would pursue life-long learning and try to improve the planet. I don’t see the role of unions in this process or am I missing something? They will call me an elitist pig anyway. Anyone with an education is dumped all over – Jefferson – can you hear me now wherever you are?

    • Bob Mack says:

      That’s what I thought about education too, SH. Holding to such outdated notions probably reveals our age. Jefferson? He’s already moved on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky (where the ghosts of Democrats past are engaged in raising the property taxes).

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