Keep Your Doors And Windows Locked — Obama’s Still Out There

Voting Dem“By giving Republicans at least a 52-seat majority in the U.S. Senate, and probably its biggest House majority since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, the nation sent Obama to the sidelines. Not a single piece of legislation will reach his desk for the remainder of his presidency without massive Republican backing. Obama can veto bills, of course, and he surely will. But what he can’t do is shove insane, left-wing nonsense down the nation’s collective throat. That’s over.” Dan Calabrese

“The Dems were the recipients of voter wrath towards the miserably failed presidency of Barack Obama that now crawls on it’s mangy belly into the final two years of an eight year sentence to Hell in America.” Donn Marten

“All of these victories are even more impressive when you consider that at one time during Obama’s first term, the Democrats effectively controlled 256 House Seats and 60 Senate seats. It’s all thanks to Barack Obama. If he weren’t destroying the country in the process, we’d owe him a thank you card for all he’s done for the Republican Party.” John Hawkins

“Not only should [Democrats] not be worked with, they should not even be invited to the table to be part of the discussion lest their gangrenous, festering and destructive ideas should further infect our caucus. These are not people who should be trusted to babysit a cat, much less to have access to the levers of all the coercive powers of the Federal government. Working with these people is not what America elected you to do, Republicans. It elected you to stop them.” Leon H. Wolf

OrderThe results are in.  The People have spoken.  So Barack Obama will try and replace the People:

…according to WH officials “the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform “no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get…”  (Breitbart)

“Hope and Change” ?? A narcissistic Marxist sociopath like Obama is incapable of change. Or remorse. Being Obama means never having to say you’re sorry.

In the wake of historic congressional midterm losses that cost Democrats control of the U.S. Senate, President Barack Obama’s inner circle says he remains defiant and unwilling to face the seismic post-election reality.  “He doesn’t feel repudiated,” an Obama aide told the New York Times’ Peter Baker. (Breitbart)

Well, neither did the Boston Strangler, who wasn’t a Harvard man like Obama, but — except for a propensity for hands-on homicide — had much in common with the president who once said, ” I’m really good at killing people.”

[Obama] has demonstrated again and again that he has no regard for the constitution or the legitimacy of laws when they do not suit his agenda. He flaunts his disregard for the constitutional process, dismisses laws he doesn’t like and rewrites others. He mocks the powers of Congress. The Supreme Court has slapped him down more than any president in recent times. All of this as he tells us he is an expert on constitutional law.

Disowned by Democrats and made to feel irrelevant in this election, President Obama’s enormous and unjustified ego is deeply wounded. He is frustrated and feels caged, cornered. This is when people like him are most dangerous … Obama is not a listener. He is not a negotiator. He is not a learner. He will just take what he wants. It is easier that way. (America faces most dangerous two years in 150 years)I Lost

Keep your doors and windows locked, folks.  He’s still out there.

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