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Unfair Packaging

The only people Pelosi and Schumer et al want within a hundred miles of the Capitol are, of course,  fellow travelers, illegal aliens, media sycophants, and possibly RuPaul’s drag queen retinue.  The 71 million citizens who voted for Donald Trump are decidedly not welcome—not, at least, until the Dems can enact a law authorizing Biden or more likely Kamala Harris to greet them with fleets of helicopter gunships. Continue reading

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The Essence Of Joe

“Joe Biden may look like Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist dummy, Walter, but I think even Walter makes a lot more sense.”  — Bernard Goldberg Joe Biden has brought a breath of stale air to an Oval Office that’s already beginning to … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s Poor Penmanship

In their haste to undo everything reeking of Trump, the Marxists…uh, the Democrats have had their front man, wobbly old Joe Biden, during his first days in the office that he most likely failed to win, engage in a marathon … Continue reading

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